Educational Initiative
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Mngani teachers believe in their power to make a difference in their communities

We are from different countries, we have grown up in different cultures and surrounded by different traditions that have shaped our imaginary but when it comes to Education, we speak the same language because we all share a very valuable purpose: to improve the quality of life of children through a Basic Education that helps them grow up in a supportive and caring environment.



Bidirectional relationships

The success of this initiative relies on the success of each and every relationship established among the Mngani teachers. They believe in the professionalism of their ‘coworkers’ worldwide and overcome any stereotype regarding their country or sociocultural background in order to build relationships of trust and communication that foster their mutual knowledge and understanding. These bidirectional relationships make Mngani sustainable in the long term and enrich the educational experience of the students.



A global network of teachers

Every teacher knows what is better for their group of students as they share the same culture and understand the implications of their background. Teachers worldwide are working very hard to improve the opportunities and life conditions of children. We are all facing very challenging situations in our classrooms, schools and communities: from family disorders to the technology generation gap or the growing fear and distrust among people. This is not an isolated situation. Many schools worldwide are facing these challenges. Thus, we need a better communication among teachers worldwide that empowers them to make a difference in their classrooms.



Differences inspire ideas

Through this experience, teachers establish a bidirectional relationship with the teacher from the other country and communicate with the rest of the Mngani teachers, enriching the pedagogical proposal of Mngani and their own professional development. We believe that sharing and discussing the repercussions that global challenges, such as the technology generation gap,  have in each school or community inspire us to think about different solutions to apply in the classroom.