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“Mngani inspire them to dream big and never give up”
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Mngani is an initiative of Development Education that connects teachers and children worldwide in order to build bidirectional relationships that contribute to quality education and lead to global understanding.

“Every child needs self-esteem, curiosity and enthusiasm for their learning and development.” In order that children develop a global and critical thinking it is important to focus on their emotional development, helping them to grow up as an emotionally balanced and self-confident person, able to share their opinion in a heterogeneous world and aware of global issues. Mngani facilitates the development of introspection processes by the student to help them achieve a better understanding of themselves and develop a positive self-esteem; it also fosters their curiosity for other cultures and places; and their enthusiasm for communicating with other people in a foreign language. How? Through the development of a friendship with another child who also likes to make new friends, play, discover and feel important for someone else. With the only difference that these friends live separated by thousands of kilometers, in ‘worlds’ totally unknown for them. Mngani means ‘friend’ in Zulu.

In this process, teachers play an essential role. We are the motivators of our students, we help them understand the world that surrounds them and overcome the difficulties they encounter; we listen to their ideas and make them believe they are valuable; we inspire them to dream big and never give up; and through this initiative, we join them in a beautiful adventure in which they discover how diverse the world is and how similar children are.