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Blog Balmoral College

Meeting with Balmoral College, South Africa

Today, I have a visited Balmoral College, a school located in Borksburg (Gauteng), just outside Johannesburg, that has been participating...

Blog Mbuyisa

Meeting with Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School

Today, I have visited Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School, a school located in Soweto (Johannesburg) that joined the experience in August....


Meeting with Zola Senior Primary School

Today, I have also visited Zola Senior Primary School, a school located in Johannesburg that showed its interest to participate...

viaje 4 Sudáfrica

Fourth trip to South Africa

After almost 24 hours since I left home, I am finally at Curiocity Backpackers in Johannesburg. I am so excited...

First meeting with the Spanish teachers

Today we have had the first Joint Working Group meeting in which all the participating schools of the Network Innovation...

Galeria MH Greef1

Visiting schools in South Africa and Namibia

These days I have been visiting two schools in Johannesburg and inviting them to participate in the Mngani Educational Experience....

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