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Cra la huecha

Cra. La Huecha

era la Huecha Magallón

The first Mngani School in Spain

The Grouped Rural Schools (CRA) La Huecha agglutinates the schools of Magallón, Maleján and Ambel, three towns of the District of Borja, located at an average of 67 km from Zaragoza.

The population of Magallón, Maleján and Ambel is formed, fundamentally, by farmers and workers who work in the factories of the region. The school has a very heterogeneous group of students with cultural and linguistic characteristics rooted in the area. They are 101 students in total.

The school located in Magallón is the head of the CRA because it is the town with the greatest number of inhabitants and, therefore, with the largest number of students. It is organized into two units of Pre-Primary Education and three units of Primary Education. The school of Maleján has two units, one for Pre-Primary Education and the other for Primary Education. Lastly, the school of Ambel has a single unit that accommodates students in Pre-Primary and Primary Education

The Mngani Team of Cra. La Huecha
Yolanda-magallón  Andrea Ambel  Raquel  Andrea m

One day in Malejan School

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