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Pilar Bayona

CEIP Pilar Bayona

Pilar Bayona 3

Specialized in Music and Technology

Pilar Bayona School is located in Cuarte de Huerva, a small locality very close to the southof Zaragoza, in Spain. It is a new school, built in 2016 that has about 400 students from 3 to 9 years old.We are still finishing to build the last spaces, it is so exciting!

It is a bilingual English-Spanish school and it is also specialized in Music and Technology. Another relevant characteristic of our school is that we are a preferent center for AutismSpectrum Disorder(ASD) pupils. We believe in real inclusion and equal educational opportunities.

Physical Education, Social and Natural Science and Literacy are taught in English in Pilar Bayona school. There are many different projects starting in our school, such as Mngani, and we are very happy to participate in it.

The English teachers that participate in Mngani project areJorge, Ana and Cristina. We also count with the help of a couple of Spanish teachers: Soraya and María.

The Mngani Team of CEIP Pilar Bayona
Cristina   Jorge  Ana

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