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Fernandez Vizarra

CEIP Fernández Vizarra

CEIP Fdez Vizarra

A Mngani School at the Ebro riverside

The Fernández Vizarra Elementary School is located in the neighborhood of Monzalbarba in 3 Gaspar de Pex Street. It is about 10 km from the urban center of Zaragoza, on the right bank of the Ebro river, bordering the municipality of Utebo and 5 km. from the Alfocea neighborhood.

Its current population is about 2000 inhabitants. The predominant economic activities in the area are agricultural, given the situation of proximity to the river Ebro, industry and services. It maintains communication with Zaragoza and Utebo with a regular line of urban transport. It has leisure activities offered by the House of Youth, the Center for the third age, the library, the playroom, the sports center and the municipal swimming pool.

The cultural level of the families of our students is quite varied, since it oscillates between parents who have elementary studies to those who have higher education qualifications. The attitude of families towards the school is favorable and participatory.

It is a single-track School, with three units of Pre-Primary Education and six of Primary Education. As for the facilities, we have the following ones: 9 classrooms (one per level), one for Second Language, a music classroom, a computer room, a library, a gym with changing rooms and showers, a dining room, three offices – tutoring, a staff room, a secretary office, the office of the principal- and the playground divided into two zones for Pre-primary and Primary Education.

The Mngani Team of CEIP Fernández Vizarra

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