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Camanga Primary School

Camanga School

The first Mngani Farm School 

The name of the school is Camanga Primary School. It is a multi grade school situated in the Scotson farm, in the outskirts of Underberg. Currently, there are 43 learners and 3 teachers. From Grade R to Grade 3, students learn in their home language: isiZulu. From Grade 4 to Grade 6, English is used as the medium of instructions.

The school is involved in computer literacy projects. There are programs of Mathematics and Natural Science downloaded on the computers. 

This is also an Eco school. It develops an Environmental Education project with the Wildlife Environmental Society of South Africa. It makes presentations on waste management issues through awareness campaigns with Ezemvelo. It has projects on pollution and global warming. Learners are encouraged to love nature and take good care of it.

The Mngani Team of Camanga Primary School
Mdu-Camanga   Mzimande-Camanga   Maphanga-Camanga  

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