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Balmoral College

Balmoral College

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Together Aspire, Together Achieve 

The school of Balmoral College is a Primary and Secondary School that was started 16 years ago with 200 learners and has grown to 1300 learners today. Most of the students come from an underprivileged background.

Located in Boksburg (Gauteng), just outside Johannesburg, it is currently one of the 10 schools in the district, having dedicated teachers and a 100% pass rate over the past 8 years. It complies with the Gauteng Department of Education syllabus and curriculum and strive for academic excellence.

The mission of Balmoral College is to educate and equip all learners for success. 

Its vision statement is to create an environment and atmosphere to which learners will want to come and be educated through excellence.

The Mngani Team of Balmoral College
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