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Welcome to the new Mngani Year 2019/20. New Schools join the Mngani Educational Experience

Dear Mngani,

Welcome to the new Mngani Year, I’m very glad to have you all onboard with your energy, compromise and ideas!

Last year, we made a great project together giving more than 800 students the opportunity of having a friend in a country so unknown for them, along with the commitment and enthusiasm of 35 teachers and 10 schools distributed around four different countries of the world: South Africa, Namibia, Chile and Spain.
This initiative brought great learnings for all, students and teachers, and I am very looking forward to seeing how much we can get from it throughout the next nine months.

This Mngani year 2019/20, we have the pleasure to welcome a new country onboard. A country that is putting a lot of effort on conservation and sustainability: Costa Rica.

With the guidance of the students and teachers from Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Primary School, we will be able to learn about the project “Bandera Azul” (Blue Flag) that they are developing from side to side of the country. Our teacher and coordinator there, Kattya Brenes, was running the Blue Flag project in her previous school, Fernando Terán Valls School. After two years working with the whole school community, they won the five stars award by which they got the “Blue Flag” from the Government. This proves their commitment towards sustainability.

Along with this school in Costa Rica, new schools in South Africa and Spain have joined the Mngani Educational Experience this year: Zola Senior School (Johannesgurg – South Africa), CPI Zaragoza Sur (Zaragoza – Spain), CRA Dos Aguas (Nonaspe – Spain), CEIP San Gregorio (Ontiñena – Spain) and CRA Vicort Isuela (Codos – Spain).

I believe this is going to be an inspiring year for all of us in which teachers, students and families will learn and discover the world together.

Thank you for making this possible.

Kind regards,


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