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Chile joins the Mngani Educational Experience

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We have a new school participating in the Mngani Educational Experience, the first school in Chile!!

Its name is Escuela Municipal de Paniahue and will be participating with the students of Grade 5 and 6, guided by her teacher Catalina. They are going to do the exchange with CRA La Huecha School of Spain, so Spanish will be used as the vehicular language. In this sense, the students of CRA La Huecha will have a friend in South Africa (Kwapitela and Camanga Schools) and a friend in Spain. We look forward to connecting the students from Chile with the students from Camanga and Kwapitela Schools, so they can also have a more global experience and build two friendships using Spanish and English.

During this week, the students from both countries will make a video introducing themselves to their friends and from the next week, they will start writing letters. The teachers from both countries have already organized themselves and have started to introduce to each other.

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