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Third meeting with the Spanish Teachers

Today we have had the third Joint Working Group meeting in which all the participating schools of the Network Innovation Project have been represented: CRA La Huecha, Magallón-Maleján-Ambel; CEIP Pilar Bayona, Cuarte de Huerva, Zaragoza; CEIP Fernández Vizarra, Monzalbarba; CEIP Catalina de Aragón, Zaragoza; Compañía de María School, Zaragoza.

During this meeting we have analyzed the evolution of the project with regards to the implication of the teachers, the coordination with the other country, the timings, the activities developed and the evolution of the students.

First, we have filled out two questionnaires, one individually and other organized in groups, in order to discuss them all together after that. 

The conclusions obtained have been very interesting and enriching for the experience, as every teacher has given their opinion, talked about their experiences and conclusions, and have given new ideas for the next sessions.

The implication of the teachers in the building of professional relationships of trust, exchange and commitment with the teachers of the other country has improved since the last meeting. We are looking forward to doing it even more personalized in order to strengthening the links and exchange of materials.

Regarding the students, we have analyzed their evolution on a Global Thinking, tolerance and English proficiency. We have concluded that the experience is favoring their development of a Global Thinking. They are interested in knowing about their culture, language and traditions, as well as in how global issues such as the Climate Change is affecting their land. The use of tales and the development of other activities in the classroom along with the preparation and writing of letters, as we decided in the last meeting, have brought good results. Also, they have shown a great change on their vocabulary and expressions, which now are more inclusive and tolerant. Some of the older students has even started to ask their relatives or fellows to use the language properly when it comes to race, culture or traditions of people from other countries.

Finally, regarding their English proficiency, we have observed a change of attitude and results. They feel more motivated and confident, so their proficiency has also improved.

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