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Sending Postcards to South Africa


Today, the Mngani teachers of the CEIP Pilar Bayona, CEIP Catalina de Aragón, CEIP Fernández Vizarra and CRA La Huecha Spanish schools have sent by post mail more than 300 postcards meticulously elaborated by the students to their corresponding schools in South Africa.

This was one of the proposals from the second meeting of the Joint Working Group with the Spanish teachers. Yolanda, who did this activity with her students of Grade 6, brought some examples to the meeting and invited the rest of the Mngani teachers to do the activity in their classrooms.

Through these postcards, the students congratulate the beginning of the New Year to their friends from South Africa and Namibia, writing their New Year Resolutions and inviting their friends to do the same in the space allocated for them.

The postcards are decorated with great creativity and love, showing the importance that the students are placing on these friendships.

We hope they receive them soon!

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