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Meeting with Kwapitela Primary School

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Today, I have visited Kwapitela Primary School, the first school that participated in the Mngani Educational Experience and the one with which my students are doing the exchange. I was so excited to see them again!

The school was already in Winter Break, but the students and the teachers came to meet with me and share a wonderful day together. When I got to the school, the students had written a welcoming message in the blackboard along with the names of their friends from Spain.

After all the hugs, greetings and emotion derived from having been sharing this experience for already one year, I handed the real letters to the students, we read them aloud and talked about their friends in Spain. They were very excited and wanted to make some videos greeting personally their friends. They also gave me the letters and drawings that they had prepared for them, along with more drawings that they prepared while I was having the meeting with the teacher.

Ms. Mtolo, or Purity, is the teacher that has been coordinating the experience at the school. Now a new teacher, Ms. Miya, is going to participate in the experience. We discussed about the evolution of the experience so far, the Calendar and new ideas to continue the experience one more year. We thought about the selection of Topics more related to the culture and traditions of the area, as well as to the Sustainable Development Goals. We will keep needing the assistance of the Sani Lodge Backpackers for the printing and delivery of letters, but the scanning will do it the teachers with their phones.

It has been a great pleasure to visit them for the third time. We hope they can visit my school one day.

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