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Meeting with Camanga Primary School

Today, I have visited Camanga Primary School, a farm school located in the outskirts of Underberg (Kwa-Zulu Natal). Originally, the farm schools in South Africa were built for the children of farmers working there. Nowadays, children from Underberg also attend that school.

Mdu, the principal of the school, had invited me to go this day so I could join them in the celebration of Prize Giving. It has been very beautiful and enriching to see how they celebrate the end of the school year along with all the school community (teachers, students and parents). There was also an old lady, the owner of the farm, who showed me how much she cared for the students, as she knew the history of each of them and enjoyed the show as much as I did.

At the end of the day, once the celebration finished, I had a meeting with Mdu, the principal and teacher of the older students, and Nzimande, the teacher of the younger students. 

We discussed the evolution of the experience so far and the Calendar recently changed with the teachers of Balmoral. They agreed with the change of dates, giving more time for the writing and sending of letters. 

Finally, we talked about the continuity of the students the next year, as some of the students that are currently participating may leave school, and the way of communication and coordination among the teachers from Camanga School and CRA La Huecha (Spain).

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