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From Johannesburg to southern Drakensberg


Today, after 10 hours traveling from Johannesburg, I arrived at the beautiful area of Southern Drakensberg Mountains. Here is where the experience began. I owe a lot to its people for their help, support and affection, particularly to the Sani Lodge Backpackers and the people who work there that have made possible the printing and delivery of the letters for Kwapitela School (13 km from the Lodge); and to Mondli Miya, who has always given me his opinion about the experience, who helped me contact Camanga Primary School, drove me everywhere I needed to go, talked to me about the history of the country and showed me how things work there along with his family. 

I am very excited to be here again and share some of my time with them. It is always a pleasure to stay at Sani Lodge Backpackers and enjoy the beautiful views of Drakensberg Mountains, but they are the ones that definitely make me feel at home.

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