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Meeting with Balmoral College, South Africa

Teachers Balmoral College

Today, I have a visited Balmoral College, a school located in Borksburg (Gauteng), just outside Johannesburg, that has been participating in this initiative since August 2018. 

The whole Mngani team of Balmoral College has assisted to the meeting: 

  • Phyllips: Coordinator of the project in Balmoral and teacher of Grade 3.
  • Rosie: Teacher of Grade 3.
  • Themba: Teacher of Grade 4.
  • Mya: Teacher of Grade 4.
  • Dominga: Teacher of Grade 2.

After almost five hours meeting, we have assessed the experience so far and reviewed the new website, the philosophy of the initiative, the Didactic Programming and the calendar of Mngani.

The most important changes we have done are on the Calendar of the experience. Due to the number of students that they have currently participating in their school (more than 200 students), they need more time for scanning and sending the letters. Thus, we have extended the time allocated for writing and sending letters and we have discussed about other kind of activities to carry out inside and outside the classroom in order to enrich the experience. This has been a real team work!

We have also been talking about the other schools participating in Mngani to give all the teachers a better perspective on the experience and think about the next steps in the following years. Also, as Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School won’t be able to continue with their students for now, the teachers of Balmoral have offered themselves to cover the two Spanish schools Mbuyisa was partnered with, inviting more students from Grade 2 and 3 to the experience. Therefore, from now on, Balmoral College will participate in Mngani with 305 students from Grades 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and it will be partnered with three Spanish schools: CEIP Catalina de Aragón (Grades 5 and 6), CEIP Fernández Vizarra (Grade 3) and CEIP Pilar Bayona (Grades 2 and 3). We have adapted the Programming and Calendar to this change with the aim of starting as soon as I come back to Spain and meet with the rest of the Spanish teachers of Mngani.

To finish the meeting, we have exchanged the real letters of the students. I have given them the letters written by the students from the Spanish schools and they have given me more than 200 letters from their students that I will happily carry with me to Spain. Our students will be very excited to receive the real letters of their friends. 

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