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Meeting with Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School

Today, I have visited Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School, a school located in Soweto (Johannesburg) that joined the experience in August.

The meeting with its principal and English teacher has given me a greater perspective on the educational system of South Africa. We have been talking about the challenges that both countries are facing at school such as the technological generation gap that is deriving in an inadequate use of some technological devices and the uncontrolled access to Internet by children. Being aware of the global reach of this and other situations that children are living nowadays is very important to understand the relevance that they have, the consequences they may bring and the need to find solutions to apply in the classroom. Also, we have discovered how many ideas it can bring the discussion of these challenges with someone who is living so far away, shaped by a different culture and with a different imaginary, because our differences inspire us to find better solutions and innovative ideas.

Even though children from Mbuyisa Makhubu will not be able to continue the experience in Mngani due to some internal situation at school, the teachers will continue in touch to re-start as soon as possible and enrich our global pedagogical perspective.

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