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First meeting with the Spanish teachers

Today we have had the first Joint Working Group meeting in which all the participating schools of the Network Innovation Project have been represented: CRA La Huecha, Magallón-Maleján-Ambel; CEIP Pilar Bayona, Cuarte de Huerva, Zaragoza; CEIP Fernández Vizarra, Monzalbarba; CEIP Catalina de Aragón, Zaragoza; Compañía de María School, Zaragoza.

The points discussed have revolved around the presentations of each school and teacher, both Spanish and foreign, the Didactic Programming planned for this school year, the review of the calendar for sending the letters, the development of individual profiles of the students participating and the debate around a document of Education for Development.

During this Mngani year (September – June) five Spanish schools, four schools in South Africa and one school in Namibia will participate in Mngani, being paired as follows:

• Kwapitela Primary School (South Africa) – CRA La Huecha School, Maleján (Spain)

• Camanga Primary School (South Africa) – CRA La Huecha School, Magallón and Ambel (Spain)

• Balmoral College (South Africa) – CEIP Catalina de Aragón School (Spain)

• Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School (South Africa) – CEIP Pilar Bayona School (Spain)

• Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School (South Africa) – CEIP Fernandez Vizarra School (Spain)

• MH Greeff School (Namibia) – Compañía de María School (Spain)

It has been wonderful to know better all the schools participating in the experience and the teachers who will be guiding it in the Spanish classrooms. We believe that through this Working Group we will enrich both the educational proposal of Mngani and our own experience in the project, being able to have access to everything that other schools are doing and to a better joint coordination.

To do this, we have started today reviewing the Didactic Programming proposed by Mngani, with its didactic goals to achieve during this course; the contents to work from the classroom and through the letters; the timing; a detailed proposal of activities by sessions as Didactic Units and a proposal of continuous evaluation that allows us to adapt the programming to the needs and changes that may arise. As part of this evaluation, the meetings of this Joint Working Group and the realization of skypes or online conversations with the teachers of the other countries will be essential. Due to the great difference between the school calendars of the participating countries and the difficulty of a timing that responds to all of them, we have carefully reviewed the proposed calendar. This will be reviewed again with the teachers from the schools of the other countries with whom each Spanish teacher makes the exchange.

Finally, after reading the document “The state of Development Education in Spain: initiatives, trends and challenges” we have carried out a debate around the evolution of the concept of Development Education in Spain and the approach we want to give from Mngani.

From now on and until the next meeting, we will keep in touch through the WhatsApp Groups and Google Drive folders shared with the teachers from the other countries.

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