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Visiting schools in South Africa and Namibia

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These days I have been visiting two schools in Johannesburg and inviting them to participate in the Mngani Educational Experience. The schools have been Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School (Soweto) and Balmoral College (Borksburg). In the meetings with their management team I presented the initiative and showed them the Programming proposed for the next Mngani year (September to June) with the specific goals, contents, methodology and evaluation criteria. They were very interested on the idea and greatly appreciate the accuracy of the pedagogical proposal, so we decided to select the courses that would participate in the first Mngani year, the channels of communication and coordination that we would use, and we reviewed the calendar proposed to see if it fits with their own school calendar.

Later, in Windhoek (Namibia), I visited MH Greeff School, an urban school that had already showed its interest on Mngani. I am really thankful of how kindly they welcomed me to their school. We had a first meeting with the principal of the school and the Mngani Team, that they had already organized. The assistant teachers were:

     – Marian: Math teacher and Coordinator of the Mngani Team.
     – Eva: Teacher of Grade 3.
     – Kazepua: Teacher of Grade 3.
     – Denzel: I.T. teacher.
     – Tjomita: English Teacher.
     – Aishe: Life Skills teacher.

During the meeting we checked the Programming and review the Calendar proposed. We also discussed about the best way of partnering the students and the best channel to keep in touch with the teachers from the other country. We thought about activities we could do with the whole class such as Skypes and the importance of working with the Sustainable Development Goals. A lot of ideas that we hope we will be able to apply in the classroom.

Finally, they showed me their school, meeting all the teachers and the students that were going to participate. We had a great time with those students, talking about the experience they were going to have and answering all their questions about it. It is always wonderful to see their excitement when they know that they are going to have a friend in another country so far away. No matter where you are, all the children react the same way and suddenly their minds start to fly.

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