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Kwapitela Primary School

Kwapitela School

The first Mngani School in South Africa

Kwapitela Primary School is a Rural multigraded school located in the Southern part of Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa, at 21 km from Underberg. It has got 101 students from Grade R to Grade 7, organized in mixed-age classrooms. There are four teachers working there. A hostel located at 13 km from the school, called Sani Lodge Backpackers, collaborates with Kwapitela through a volunteering program that invites guests of the Sani Lodge to visit the school and perform some activities with the students, helping them improve their oral skills in the English Language.

The Mngani Team of Kwapitela School
   Miya kwapitela   Ndlovu 

One day in Kwapitela School

Galeria Kwapitela1  Galeria Kwapitela3  Galeria Kwapitela2