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“Every child needs self-esteem, curiosity and enthusiasm

for their learning and development”

Wherever you go, you find children playing, jumping, going into adventures and discovering the world that surrounds them. They look so similar, but they sometimes feel so different from children that live in other parts of the world. If every child had the opportunity to build a friendship with another child from far away and discover how much they love similar things, don’t you think that they would grow up being more tolerant and open-minded?

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Children are children everywhere

Through this initiative, we aim to connect children from different parts of the world so that they grow up as global citizens. The relationships are established one to one, so each child has a friend in the other country. Together, they build a friendship that shapes their personality. They get to know themselves better as they put so much effort on their descriptions and their self-steam increases with the positive feedback they always get from their friend. It is marvelous to see how kindly they appreciate all that comes from their friend, how naturally they embrace their differences and how loudly they celebrate their similarities. This exchange is carried out through letters that are sent making use of new technologies that are easily accessible by all of us and which makes the process time-effective.

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A global sense of membership

This unique friendship that every child builds with their friend awakes their interest to know and understand their “world”, with its culture, traditions, similarities and differences. Suddenly, the borders of their world get expanded and they start thinking about other countries in their daily life. This curiosity for discovering the languages spoken in the country of their friend, its culture, traditions or landscapes, motivates them to think globally. Children become world citizens and develop understanding, tolerance, humility and sensitivity. This process is enriched in the classroom through the development of projects based on the Sustainable Development Goals. The exchange of conclusions between the students of both countries broadens their perspective on global implications. Understanding how this can affect the life of their friends will be their first motivation to be responsible and critical with their actions.

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Motivation and initiative

This experience fosters a great enthusiasm for sharing everything they live, even with the shyest students. The use of a common language, such as English, with the purpose of knowing their new friends better starts to be a motivation instead of a cause of fear and frustration. Also, drawings are a global language for children and through them they can share a lot of information, so while they get through this language learning process, they use their creativity to show their world and affection to their friend. This has a great repercussion on their communicative skills and on their development of initiative. The reinforcement of their self-steam, the curiosity for discovering the world of their friend and the enthusiasm for communicating with them personally, motivate them to overcome shyness or fear and get the initiative to decide what they want to say, what they want to ask and to express their opinion with respect and criticism.