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Compañía de María

Centro Cia maria

A school in Zaragoza since 1928 

Compañía de María School is located in the centre of Zaragoza, in Spain. The Company of Mary arrived in Zaragoza in 1697. It tells the history of the city that the first day of class was attended by more than 400 students. The order of Compañia de Maria was the first to create schools for the education of girls. The school of Zaragoza was inagurated in 1928. At present, it  has about 1100 students from 3 to 17 years old. It offers preschool education, primary and secondary education and diploma.

It is a bilingual English-Spanish school. Physical Education, Social and Natural Science and Literacy are taught in English in our school.  It’s a  preferent center for pupils with hearing loss. We believe in real inclusion and equal educational opportunities.

Our Pedagogical line:

– Apply a variety of methodologies, with an innovative character, that enable our students to be protagonists of their learning.

– Work on projects, starting from the interest of the child, encouraging their curiosity, discovering and researching to acquire meaningful learning.

– Respect individual rhythms, considering diversity as a value that enriches us.

– Accompany parents in the process of integral growth of their children, through personal interviews and group-class meetings. Encourage the participation of families in the school.

– We provide students with the learning of oral expression and comprehension, reading, writing, in our language and English, the calculation, the acquisition of basic notions of culture and the habit of coexistence, as well as study and work, artistic sense, creativity and affectivity.

-Encourage religious awakening.

There are many different projects in our school with enough experience, such as: “cooperative groups”, “Interactive groups”,  “Integratics”,” Proyecto Milo”, “Alumno ayudante” and in the present, we are starting Mngani, and we are very happy to participate in it. The English teachers that participate in Mngani project are Silvia and Paola. We also count with the help of the teacher of Spanish language, Rosa and the teacher of Art and Music,  Rebeca.

The Mngani Team of Compañía de María
Paola-cia maria     Silvia-ciaMaria

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