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Catalina de Aragón

CEIP Catalina de Aragón

CEIP Catalina de Aragón

Education for Global Citizenship

We are a large school located in Zaragoza, Aragón in the North of Spain (halfway between Madrid and Barcelona). There are approximately 800 students ranging from 3-year-old infants to 11-year-old year 6 primary students. We are a relatively new Bilingual School (Spanish and English) linked to the British Council, who provide the curriculum for the subjects taught in English: Literacy, Science and Art & Design.

At CATALINA DE ARAGÓN school we believe that sharing experiences is the basis of success and that training is the basis of our work. In a center as big as this one, there are many people, however each one can contribute positively as an individual towards the general good of the centre. We therefore try to promote and provide “moments of encounter” and it is extremely gratifying to see the high degree of interest that the teaching team shows towards sharing and integrating innovative methodologies in the center in order to ensure the educational success of all our students. Our goal as teachers (which we aim to pass on to our students) is to «learn to learn», which means having the skills to start learning and be able to continue learning in an increasingly effective and autonomous manner according our own objectives and needs giving the students the ability to cooperate, self-evaluate and the manage an efficient set of resources and learning/teaching techniques.

We are responsible, convinced and committed teachers who develop our concept of a democratic, innovative and inclusive school. This school year 2018/19 we have been chosen to participate in a new innovation project. We will continue with educational robotics for children in primary, computational thinking and programming. This course through the PIVA project in coordination with the Stars project will be developed in first and second year of primary. The European project «Global Schools» which we started two courses ago, will continue to give us tools to integrate education for global citizenship in kindergarten and primary education. Thanks to our library seminar we will reflect on the concept of promoting reading and writing and also to form a theatre group in order to interpret our own productions to the students. If everything goes as expected, we will debut in the third term with a renewed and extremely modern «Cinderella». In short, we are an innovative center with a creative side in which we like to encourage learning through the development of divergent thinking.

The Mngani Team of Catalina de Aragón

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